As one museum visitor wrote in the museum guest book, “It is astounding how much history there is in a small place such as this”. Indeed, it’s true, we could go back as far as Roman Times to recount the story behind the Djami. If these walls could talk, they would speak of life in the royal courts of the House of Árpád, the time of the Ottoman occupation of Hungary, life after the Turkish occupation, industrialisation and life as we know it today. Visitors can learn about the history of this place from one of our expert historians. In addition to the permanent exhibition, we also have several temporary exhibitions for those who like sophisticated culture.

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Öziçeli Hacci Ibrahim Djami


Once you have seen the Djami, the building complex around it is also worth seeing. To the north we find the Mill Tower which contains the remnants of several medieval buildings. Of the buildings seen here, the so-called Veprech Tower was the first to be mentioned, in a deed issued by King Béla IV of Hungary in 1239. Also found in the Mill Tower is the renovated water-wheel, in the place of which during the Renaissance there stood a water-pumping machine which supplied the Royal Castle with water for 210 years. Walk south along the walkway and you will find yourself at the Rose Garden, greeted by a medieval road and a well.


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Veprech Tower, Renessaince water machine, Rose Garden


After having looked around in the Museum, come and pay a visit to the Rózsakert Restaurant or the Djami Café. Inviting tables await guests looking to relax, freshen up and talk alongside a medieval road, which used to be the way for town residents to get to the Danube in mediaeval times. From the inner yard of the Mill Tower, enjoy the scenic view of the Castle Hill crowned by the Basilica or take in the beauty of the Danube as seen from the terrace over Elisabeth Park. We add to this experience by serving premium coffee and tea, refreshments and ice creams.


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